Being the product of parents who met in art school, Virginia Furmanski’s life has always been about art, art museums, galleries, and art on the walls. Gifts were always art supplies and art was the language spoken in the home. Art was the world Ginny knew best and it was how she viewed that world. Entering UCLA as a Design Major was challenging but it wasn’t until she took a printmaking class that Ginny experienced a real awakening. From the first time she worked on a press and pulled back the paper to discover what was on the printed page, she felt the magic of creativity. That love affair with printmaking has lasted her whole life. Ginny never ceases to be amazed and delighted each time she pulls back the paper to discover the wonder of the medium.

Virginia Furmanski is a member of


a printmaking group in Ventura, California,
located at 643 Project Space
643 Ventura Avenue.